Implementation Based Management Consulting

We help implement your strategy with hands-on support and management training, and offer Business Intelligence, simple management tools, and advisory support (remote and in-person).

The Analyzers

Quickly analyze your payroll, sales, and purchasing information

Easily view on a daily, weekly, and monthly level

Detailed variance reporting

Deep Dive into the detail

Payroll Analyzer

Update earnings information in real time, improving the salary management process. You are able to quickly provide an analysis of the dollars paid and hours worked by pay type, department and employee.

Sales Analyzer

Measure, manage, and analyze sales data. With Sales Analyzer, your team can have a deeper understanding of the sales data you collect and what that data means, making more effective decisions about prospects and customers, opportunities and sales team performance.

Purchasing Analyzer

Collect and analyze procurement data to form meaningful insights and aid effective business decision making, ranging from spend  analysis reports to advanced analytics to predict and budget future decisions.

Packages start at

$299 per Month

Intelligence at your fingertips.

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Management Toolkit

Simple tools to help organize your team

BI as a Service

Secure portal to analyze your sales and operations data

Analyst for Rent

On demand Business Analyst services


A wide variety of consulting services offered 

Annava quickly stood up a real-time dashboard, developed important relationships and implemented process improvements which began to generate results right away.

Zack McIsaac, Managing Partner

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